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Our belt range has been carefully put together to give you all the choice you need whether it’s for a pair of suit trousers for work or just for jeans. Check out our reversible leather belts with a brown/black combination or our webbing styles for a more casual look and style.

How to wear a men's belt?

A belt is the simplest, most functional accessory for any outfit - simply wrap it around the waist of your trousers, slipped through the belt loops.

Which way to wear a men's belt?

Belts generally only get worn in one direction - unless it’s reversible. Always fasten with the buckle fasten outwards and the labels and tags inwards.

Where to buy designer mens belts?

We have a huge range of men’s belts at Suit Direct, with a selection of top UK brands at fantastic prices.

How to determine a mens belt size?

Slip a measuring tape through the belt loops of your trousers, and wrap it around like you would a belt. Simply tighten the tape until it grips the trousers enough to stay comfortable - then take your belt measurement from the tape.

What size mens belt for 32 waist?

A 32” inch waist will fit a small to medium sized belt.