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What to wear to a black tie wedding?

Black tie dress codes are strict - it’s a tuxedo or nothing, with a black jacket and trousers, a white wedding shirt and a black bow tie.

What to wear to a summer black tie wedding?

When dressing for black tie in summer, it can be difficult to stay cool. Try and focus on lightweight fabrics such as polyester and linen to keep yourself from overheating.

What to wear to a black tie wedding in winter?

Suiting is ideal for a winter wedding as it becomes easier than ever to stay warm! Wool tuxedos are ideal to keep yourself insulated - and, if it’s a relatively loose dress code, adding a wedding waistcoat is a great way to add an extra warming layer.

What colour shirt and tie with black wedding suit?

A black wedding suit doesn’t strictly mean black tie, but contrasts are still important. Try a paler shirt to contrast with the suit jacket, in pinks, yellows, blues or whites, and a darker coloured tie.

What is black tie optional wedding?

Black tie optional generally means that a tuxedo or black tie suit is preferred - but not essential. If you’re ever unsure, it’s always best to check with the organisers!