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What to wear with a burgundy suit?

A burgundy suit should be worn with black shoes and colours that match rather than clash. Blacks, greys and navy makes a great match, but the more casual colour scheme can match up with jumpers and knitwear, too!

What colour tie with a burgundy suit?

A black tie is the best addition to a burgundy suit, but you shouldn’t feel limited. Experiment with reds, greys and blues – one is sure to set your look alight.

What colour shirt with a burgundy suit?

A grey, black, white or red shirt matches beautifully with a burgundy suit. A white shirt will ensure you look formal and traditional, while the other colours set up a more fashion forward, casual style for a trendy appearance.

How to wear a burgundy suit?

A burgundy suit should be worn in a slightly more laid back style. A trendier, more modern colour for suiting demands a fashion forward feel with a slim fit and uncluttered appearance.

When to wear a burgundy suit?

A burgundy suit makes an impressive addition to your wedding outfit, but exudes confidence particularly well in the office, too. If you want to make a real impression at a job interview, there’s no better choice than a burgundy suit, and the fashion forward colour is ideal for parties, proms and celebrations.