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Our collection of men’s cotton shirts features some of top designers and names in tailoring, including Scott & Taylor, Gibson London, and Limehaus. We have a wide range of colours to choose from, as well as a selection of fits including regular, tailored, big and tall, and slim fit shirts.

What is a double cuff shirt?

Double cuffed shirts are a formal shirt, with extra wide cuffs that require being folded into place and fastened with cufflinks.

How to iron a double cuff shirt?

Men’s double cuff shirts should be ironed inside out, starting from the collar and button placket, before working out across the body and down the sleeves. Remember to provide plenty of attention to the cuffs!

How to wear a double cuff shirt?

Double cuff shirts should always be worn with a suit - or, at the very least, a waistcoat.

What is the difference between single and double cuff shirts?

Double cuff shirts require being folded into place and fastened with cufflinks, while single cuff shirts feature smaller cuffs that button into place.

Where to buy double cuff shirts?

At Suit Direct, we boast a fantastic range of men’s double cuffed shirts from top UK brands at great prices. We’re bound to have the perfect double cuff shirt for you!