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Our range includes men's suit jackets from the best names in tailoring, including Racing Green, Scott & Taylor, and Alexandre of England. You’ll also find matching trousers and to complete your suit, as well as waistcoats and other accessories.

How to fold a suit jacket?

Ideally, your suit jacket should be kept on a hanger or inside a suit bag - but they can be easily folded by bringing the shoulders and sides to meet the centre seam on the back, then folding the bottom of the jacket up behind - this ensures the lapels aren’t bent out of shape and prevents any wrinkles or folds.

How many inches can a suit jacket be taken in?

A suit jacket can generally be taken in by a maximum of two sizes - but this can vary dependent on the jacket. It’s always best to take the garment to an alteration service to see what they think.

How long should a suit jacket be?

A suit jacket should generally line up with your knuckles, or cover up the pocket openings on your trousers - If you’re taller than 5’9”, you’ll want it a little longer to provide a more proportionate look.

How should a suit jacket fit?

Generally you want a suit to follow the lines of your body, without being overly tight. You should be able to fit a hand between the front of the jacket and your chest, and the sleeves to reach where the thumb bone starts from the wrist.

How to measure for a suit jacket?

Always check the size guide - measure from the broadest part of your chest and the narrowest part of your waist, and size up for a skinny or slim fit.