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A navy suit is a staple addition to any man's attire. Suitable for both casual and formal occasions, a dark blue suit from Suit Direct will be one of the most versatile in your wardrobe.

What to wear with blue suit?

A blue suit is best matched with a tie, white shirt and leather shoes. A waistcoat can add an impressive touch, too.

What colour tie with blue suit?

A simple coordination is to match a navy tie or matching blue tie with your blue suit – but a red or black tie can also make a winning look.

What colour shirt with blue suit?

A white shirt is essential for a blue suit – or a lighter pastel shade to add an extra pop of colour. We’ve seen some great combinations with sky blue, light orange and pink shirts over the past year.

What colour shoes with blue suit?

Black or brown leather shoes both match up ideally with a blue suit. On the continent, more unusual tones and suede styles are also very popular – but are only for the brave!

What colour waistcoat with blue suit?

Ideally, a matching waistcoat makes the best impression with a blue suit; though there are variations to this rule that can make a statement. Try a checked or tweed waistcoat or a floral style if you want to up your stakes.